About Us

Dr. Daniel Snively founded the Lions Lead in 2007 to transform organizational leadership, develop strong cultures, and improve both environments and performance. His strategy was to help organizational leaders and their teams improve effectiveness and performance through the use of sophisticated leadership assessment instruments. Dr. Snively’s vision was to integrate four validated instruments measuring emotional intelligence, leadership traits, management skills and critical thinking to assess his clients’ strengths and gaps. Then he and clients would identify specific changes to be made in client and team behaviors. Following this, Dr. Snively or an associate would provide leadership advising leading to the desired results.

Dr. Snively and his team also provide certification training to enable selected personnel of our clients so that the tools can be integrated into culture.  They also train and certify independent leadership advisors to use The Lions Lead instruments in their practices. Approximately 6,000 individuals have taken one of the assessments. These have been in more than 200 businesses, not-for-profits, sports. and public-sector organizations.

The first Lions Lead assessments were constructed and validated by comparing newly developed instruments to instruments developed by others. Over the past 3½ years, Dr. Snively has developed over 20 separate proprietary assessment instruments based on tailoring combinations of 100 validated attributes and 450 measured behaviors.
Each of the products measures Competencies, Attributes and Behaviors relevant to the type of position and team role for which it is designed; this is The Lions Lead’s “CAB” model. At the core, each instrument evaluates four characteristics that determine behavior and are key to personal and professional effectiveness: emotional intelligence, character, social and emotional awareness, and grit.

Approximately 6,000 individuals have taken one of the assessments. These have been in more than 200 businesses, not-for-profits, sports, schools, and public-sector organizations. There are products serving those from the classroom to the Board Room. The products and services provide competency and leadership assessment throughout the Life Cycle. Our tools, services and products:

  • Assess, teach and coach Competencies
  • Build Character
  • Produce Performance

In the short run, they help employers:

  • Identify the right people
  • Develop the right people
  • Promote the right people into leadership
  • Develop leadership teams that perform.

They help schools and youth service agencies:

  • Identify youth competencies and challenges
  • Provide information for non-academic competency-development strategies
  • Help educate youth in Social-Emotional and other competencies
  • Provide a comprehensive pre and post evaluation tool for youth progress.
  • Prepare youth for future success.

In the long term, they allow communities to develop competent young people. Employers can then hire young people who can perform and grow into leadership in local organizations. Schools can help young people prepare for any profession they choose in any location.

TLLI products and services enable its users to use The Lions Lead assessment instruments to help leaders and teams drive results. The benefit to customers of TLLI is twofold:

  • To provide better service to their clients and organizations
  • To improve performance and profitability.