Industries We Support

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Many of our services are delivered through our Certified Partners. We work with exceptional professionals and are looking to expand.

Leadership Advising

Our Certified Leadership Advisors will help you and your team understand the instrument results and move towards transformation.

Health Care

The Lions Lead has helped some of the largest health-related organizations in the United States and Canada improve performance.

Sports Performance

Our Purpose Inspired instruments help sports organizations improve performance and reduce risks. Create better programs!


The Lions Lead has competency and leadership assessments from 6th grade through Senior year in college. We can help develop capable adults.

Finance and Insurance

We have provided services to several successful financial and insurance corporations in the U.S. and Canada, with stellar results.

Faith-Based Organizations

We provide leadership assessment and improvement services to a wide variety of faith based organizations.

Non-Profit Services

We help nonprofits hire the right people, develop their staff, improve team performance, and promote leaders who accomplish the mission.

Customized Strategies

The Lions Lead can help organizations develop custom instruments to hire the best people for their specific needs.