Lions Lead Instruments

The Lions Lead Instruments

The Lions Lead Assessments have already been widely adopted. Approximately 6,000 individuals have taken one of the assessments. These have been in more than 200 businesses, not-for-profits, sports. and public-sector organizations.

The key distinguishing feature of The Lions Lead instruments is that they are behavior-based and team-focused. They are valuable for new markets and established ones. They are valuable to those currently using assessments in the employee life cycle. They are even more valuable to those organizations who aren’t.

The use of assessments, in most settings, is rarely a sophisticated, comprehensive process. This is partly because most popular assessments, being personality based, have limited application. Lions Lead Assessments are competency, attribute and behavior-based. This means organizations use them throughout the employee life-cycle. They assess the key competencies for the targeted personnel. This provides the foundation for designing and evaluating competency-based staff development and training. We know of no other products with similar width and breadth of use to any organization.

The team assessment and capabilities of the leadership assessments are unique. The instruments identify leadership roles in addition to the Competency, Attribute and Behavioral results. This allows for TLLI to use the assessments to build strong leadership teams.

Armed with the results of a Lions Lead assessment and coached by a skilled TLLI Leadership Advisor, individuals and teams can identify ways to change behavior and be motivated to do so, and as a result transform their personal and professional effectiveness.

The following table compares The Lions Lead instruments to the five most widely used and commonly recognized Leadership Assessments.


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