Paul, retired and decorated Air Force Colonel  

I have taken 50 of the most comprehensive leadership instruments as part of my air force training and development. None of the instruments and batteries delivered the depth and challenge of insights that the Seven Pillars of Leadership Wisdom provided to me.

Revered Chief Medical Officer with 30+ years of service in a health network in B.C., Canada

I completed the executive instrument and experienced the debrief of my findings and was deeply stirred by the insights. It struck me that in the back of mind I knew there were things preventing me from reaching the level of impact I had desired to have through my leadership positions. While some would observe that I have been effective, these insights provoked me to realize I could have influenced people and outcomes far more distinctly had I known my findings 25 years ago. I urge the younger people in our audience to seize the opportunity provided by The Lions Lead instruments and coaching services to become the leaders our company needs.

Steve, Retired COO of a Fortune 100 Company

I confess that I was not a believer in leadership tests. I thought they were shallow and not worth the money. The instincts I had learned by tough trial and error were more true and real for me as I made decisions on people and processes. I was placed into a COO position in a service industry that was experiencing confusion and turbulence. My previous experience was turning poor performing manufacturing companies into prospering units within a year. I did not doubt my ability to do the same in the service industry, but did hit several snags unfamiliar to me. That is when I took the risk of trying the executive instrument from The Lions Lead. The depth of insight both from an individual and team perspective through the instrument were exceptional. What struck me most was the level of accuracy that could be achieved within a month which would normally have taken years to achieve by observing and trial and error.